[Announcement] Martha Cheung Award

Martha Cheung Award for the Best English Article in Translation Studies by an Early Career Scholar

Jiao Tong Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies

The Award is established in honour of the late Professor Martha Cheung (1953-2013), formerly Chair Professor of Translation at Hong Kong Baptist University. Professor Cheung was an internationally renowned scholar whose work on Chinese discourse on translation made a seminal contribution to the reconceptualization of translation from non-Western perspectives. For a brief biography and a list of her most important publications, see Professor Martha Pui Yiu Cheung’s Publications.

The Martha Cheung Award aims to recognize research excellence in the output of early-career researchers, and to allow them, like Professor Cheung herself, to make their voices heard in the international arena and play a role in charting the future directions of research in the discipline. The restriction of the award to articles published in English is also intended to ensure consistency in the assessment process.

The Award

The award is conferred annually for the best paper published in English in the previous two-year period, and takes the form of a cash prize of 10,000 RMB. A certificate from the Jiao Tong Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies will also be presented.


(a) The scholarly article submitted must be already published. Work accepted for publication but in press will not be considered.

(b) The term ‘published’ also covers online publication.

(c) The article must have been published within 5 years of the applicant gaining his or her PhD degree.

(d) The article must have been published in English, in a recognized, peer-reviewed journal of good standing (but see also next criterion).

(e) Submissions will be assessed solely on their scholarly merit as judged by a panel of established scholars; considerations such as formal journal ranking and impact factor will not form part of the judging criteria.

(f) The article may present research relating to any area of translation, interpreting or intercultural studies, and may draw on any theoretical models or methodologies.


Applicants may apply directly themselves for the award, or their work may be nominated by other scholars. A full copy of the article should be submitted in e-copy, in pdf format, together with the completed application/nomination form, downloadable here. 


For the submission of articles published between 30 September 2016 and 30 September 2018:

Application closing date for the 2018 Award:           30 September, 2018

Announcement of award winner:                                 31 March, 2019

The Award Committee


Membership composition

The committee is comprised of four members of the Jiao Tong Baker Centre’s International Advisory Board.

Committee membership runs for three years, and is reviewed at each triennial meeting of the International Advisory Board.

The Committee for 2017-2020 is:

Robert Neather (Chair)
Sue-Ann Harding
Ji-Hae Kang
Wen Ren

Terms of Reference

(a) To oversee the administration of the Martha Cheung Award for Best English Article in Translation Studies by an Early Career Scholar.

(b) To advise on the formation of a Peer College of academics with suitable expertise to act as judges for the award.

(c) To produce and disseminate the call for applications for the award.

(d) To conduct initial screening of applicants’ materials, and to form a long-list of suitable applicants, after the application period has closed.

(e) To allocate applicants’ materials to members of the Peer College involved in the judging of the award in a given year for their scrutiny and assessment.

(f) To liaise with the members of the Peer College during the judging process, and to relay the results of the process to the Jiao Tong Baker Centre’s directors and International Advisory Board.

(g) To announce the winner of the award.

(h) To report annually to the Jiao Tong Baker Centre’s directors and International Advisory Board, upon completion of that year’s award business, on any issues or matters for consideration arising from the overall award process.

(i) To advise on publicity initiatives for the award.

(j) To advise on the establishment of other awards by the Jiao Tong Baker Centre.