Training events

The  Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies organizes research training events on a variety of themes. The events are mostly aimed at early career scholars and vary in length between one and three days. They are led by distinguished scholars with extensive research experience.

Theme and Structure

Each research training event focuses on a specific theme that may relate to a theoretical tradition or concept, a methodology, a genre, or a context of research. Individual sessions cover theoretical and methodological aspects of researching the topic under examination, plus case studies that demonstrate the practical application of the relevant theories and methodologies. The emphasis throughout is on honing the critical skills required in pursuing innovative and meaningful research, beyond the specificities of individual languages and research projects.

The Academic Career Development Component

All events feature a number of sessions aimed at academic career development, covering topics such as publishing in international scholarly journals, competing for research grants, and negotiating the tension between the need to engage in collaborative interdisciplinary research on the one hand, and the rigid departmental and disciplinary boundaries that tend to hinder interdisciplinary research on the other.

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