[Event] Symposium: Eye-tracking and Subtitling

One-day Symposium

8th July 2024

School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Arts, University of Warwick, UK

Organisers: Dr David Orrego-Carmona, Dr Sijing Lu and Dr Hanyu Wang

Eye-tracking technology has opened avenues for studying how people process, understand and react to subtitled audiovisual content. By tracking viewers’ eye movements and measuring fixations, researchers can gain insights into the cognitive processes involved in reading subtitles while simultaneously processing audio and video information. This one-day symposium will bring together experts at the forefront of this interdisciplinary field and ECRs to take stock of the latest findings, methodologies, and theoretical frameworks related to eye tracking and subtitle reading.

While valuable work has already been done over the last 40 years, there are still many open research questions to explore in this domain. Recent years have seen a refining of hypotheses: studies currently explore how viewer characteristics like age, language proficiency, and provenance impact subtitle reading behaviour and cognitive load, as well as the interplay between subtitle presentation rates, editing and overall comprehension.

Where do we go from now?

Overall, this symposium aims to spark new cross-disciplinary collaboration and highlight promising directions for advancing our understanding of this multimodal processing phenomenon. The event aims to promote the cross-pollination of ideas and foster new collaborative initiatives that can push the boundaries of this field even further. Potential focus areas include the impact of AI and new distribution platforms, post-editing and creativity, combinations of eye tracking with other biometric measures, and deeper examination of how contextual factors like genre, visual presentation, cultural context, and audiovisual complexity shape the subtitle reading experience.

Invited speakers


This is a free-one-day symposium but places are limited. Priority will be given to ECRs interested in presenting their work during the dedicated poster session.

Poster proposal

The symposium will feature presentations by the invited speakers as well as a dedicated poster session. Participants are encouraged to propose a poster featuring their work in the field. This could be a completed project, work in progress or initial research ideas.

The poster session will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to share their latest work, gather feedback, and engage in discussions with fellow researchers in an informal setting. Presenters will have time to pitch their ideas and invite feedback to stimulate the conversation.