[CFP] Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility in Education: A Global Perspective

Organised by the SL@VT Research Team

Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December 2024

The Scientific Committee would like to consider 20-minute paper proposals engaging with education and any of the following key topics:
– Captioning (interlingual and intralingual subtitling)
– Revoicing (dubbing, voice-over, free commentary)
– Media accessibility (including audio description and subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences)
– Other AVT-MA practices (including respeaking, surtitling, easy-to-read language)
– Non-professional practices (fansubbing, fundubbing and fandubbing)
– Technologies in language learning (digital platforms, applications) with a focus on AVT-MA
– AVT-MA and language education in formal and non-formal contexts (e.g. curriculum design, assessment)
– Curriculum design and assessment in language and translation education settings with a focus on AVT-MA
– Audiovisual language and film studies education
– AVT-MA as a cultural mediation tool in language teaching and learning
– AVT-MA and teacher training 

Proposals will be subject to a double-blind peer-review process.

Following the conference, the Scientific Committee will shortlist a number of papers to be included in an edited book published by an international publisher in Open Access.

Link to submission form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfnrs1YQrtoAtryNjzDPWO7_gtiV9uKOhcrn8T867VLYZg1FA/viewform