[New Publication] Working as a Professional Translator

By JC Penet


What does it take to be a professional translator in the 21st century? What are the opportunities and challenges of a career in translation? How do you find that first job? How do you ensure that work remains sustainable over time? Combining industry insights, the latest research in the field of translation studies and a career coaching approach, this textbook takes aspiring translators on an explorative journey that helps them answer these questions for themselves so they can become the professional translators they aspire to be.

Each chapter of this hands-on guide opens with key questions that budding translators might typically ask themselves and encourages them to reflect on their relevance for their own situation through regular discussion points and ‘Topics for discussion and assignments’. Targeted suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter guide users in deepening their knowledge. Written primarily for students on translation courses, the accessible language, tone and design of this book will appeal to anyone who is thinking of embarking upon a career in translation. Additional resources are available on the Routledge Translation Studies Portal.