[New Publication] The first issue of Corpus-based Studies across Humanities (Open Access)

Research Articles


Open Access January 16, 2024

A Look at What is Lost: Combining Bibliographic and Corpus Data to Study Clichés of Translation

Open Access December 21, 2023

Emotion and Ageing in Discourse: Do Older People Express More Positive Emotions?

Open Access January 19, 2024

Multimodal Mediation in Translation and Communication of Chinese Museum Culture in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Open Access December 21, 2023

An Unsupervised Learning Study on International Media Responses Bias to the War in Ukraine

Open Access December 21, 2023

Parts-of-Speech (PoS) Analysis and Classification of Various Text Genres

Open Access December 12, 2023

Conceptualizing Corpus-Based Genre Pedagogy as Usage-Inspired Second Language Instruction

Open Access December 21, 2023

Local Grammar Approach to Investigating Advanced Chinese EFL Learners’ Development of Communicative Competence in Academic Writing: The Case of ‘Exemplification’

Open Access January 12, 2024

Building an Annotated L1 Arabic/L2 English Bilingual Writer Corpus: The Qatari Corpus of Argumentative Writing (QCAW)

Open Access December 21, 2023

A Corpus-Assisted Comparative Study of Chinese and Western CEO Statements in Annual Reports: Discourse-Historical Approach

Open Access January 11, 2024

Corpus-Based Diachronic Analysis on the Representations of China’s Poverty Alleviation in People’s Daily

Book Reviews

Open Access September 28, 2023

Anne McCabe: A Functional Linguistic Perspective on Developing Language

Open Access December 8, 2023

The Linguistic Challenge of the Transition to Secondary School: A Corpus Study of Academic Language by Alice Deignan, Duygu Candarli, and Florence Oxley