[New Publication] Avoiding Potholes in Translation: A Practical Perspective on Translation between English and isiZulu

By Phindile Dlamini


This book is a comprehensive introduction to translation studies between English and isiZulu. It incorporates crucial concepts for understanding the basics of translation within a South African language context and lays a foundation for further studies in translation. The book’s content coverage, while broad, is also in-depth, and it skillfully integrates examples from varied types of texts.

The practical and accessible style makes it both engaging and informative. The diverse examples illustrate not only the technicalities of translation as a process, but the vivid dynamics brought about by the fact that the languages involved in the translation process belong to different language families. The use of these examples for almost every aspect of translation explained makes this book unique and valuable to translation scholars and practitioners alike. Even though the book uses cases from the isiZulu language, it is an applicable reference for translation scholars and practitioners working with different indigenous languages of South Africa.