[CFP] Cultural Conflict and Dissonance in Translation and Interpreting

The 23rd ITRI International Conference

Interpreting and Translation Research Institute (ITRI), Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), Seoul, Republic of Korea

January 12, 2024 (changed to a virtual mode)

The Interpreting and Translation Research Institute (ITRI) at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) in Korea is pleased to invite you to the 23rd ITRI International Conference. This conference, scheduled to be held virtually on January 12, 2024, will explore the theme of “Cultural Conflict and Dissonance in Translation and Interpreting.”

Throughout history, translators and interpreters have been key facilitators of intercultural dialogue. While technological advancements have broadened the scope of global exchange, challenges arising from deep-rooted cultural differences persist. In these situations, translators and interpreters facilitate and influence the exchange as autonomous cultural mediators, rarely with any other means for resolution than their very own. These difficult situations open up discussions and shed light on their roles, positions, and ethics as well as the policies concerning translation and interpreting, with practical implications for the training of future translators and interpreters.

The 23rd International Conference is planned for rich discussions and collaborative problem-solving around the complex subject of cultural conflict and dissonance in our field. We look forward to your participation in enriching this academic dialogue with research, insight, and engagement.

We welcome submissions on a broad range of topics within this year’s framework, including but not limited to:

– Real-world case(s) of cultural conflicts and dissonance in translation and interpreting scenes

– The roles and responsibilities of translators and interpreters navigating cultural conflicts

– Concerns and potential solutions of translators and interpreters when facing intercultural communication challenges

– Implications of cultural conflicts and dissonance for translator and interpreter training

– How cultural policies or guidelines at the national and institutional level affect translation and interpreting practices

Submitting a proposal

–     Individual proposals should be a minimum of 300 words.

–     Proposal(s) may be submitted in English or Korean.

–     All proposals should be accompanied by short bios (ca 100 words) of the presenters.

–     Please send all proposals via email to itri@hufs.ac.kr


–    December 10, 2023: Proposal submission deadline

–    December 12, 2023: Proposal acceptance notification

–    December 27, 2023: Paper submission (Microsoft Word or PowerPoint slides)

To ensure smooth preparations for the conference, you are kindly asked to adhere to the above deadlines. For any inquiries, please email ITRI at itri@hufs.ac.kr.

How to register as a participant

–    Conference registration is free.

–    The online conference link will be posted on the ITRI homepage before the conference: http://itri.hufs.ac.kr