[New Publication] Researching Language and Health: A Student Guide

By Zsófia Demjén, Sarah Atkins, Elena Semino


Researching Language and Health explores key topics in illness and healthcare contexts through multiple linguistic lenses.

This book highlights key themes, guides readers through the design stages of research and the ethical considerations specific to linguistic health research, and brings methods and methodologies to life by demonstrating how these can be applied to specific issues in context. Covering a wide range of health conditions, healthcare contexts, and data types, with an emphasis on those most accessible to students and new researchers, the authors foreground the ‘so what?’ of research and the impact that linguistic studies can have.

Both a guide to key elements of the research process and a holistic view of research projects that have been successful, insightful, and impactful in different contexts, this is an essential text for advanced students and researchers in healthcare communication and applied linguistics.