[New Publication] Use of statistical methods in translation and interpreting research

By Chao Han, Xiaolei Lu and Peixin Zhang


The study reported on in the article examines the patterns and trends of statistical analysis in translation and interpreting (T&I) research, based on a longitudinal quantitative analysis of more than 3300 research articles sampled from eleven leading T&I journals (2000–2020). This evidence-based review is the first study to provide a systematic mapping of statistical methods used by T&I researchers. Our analyses suggest that (a) about 40% of the articles use statistics, and the use of statistics has been increasing over time; (b) the most frequently used inferential statistical techniques are the t-test, Pearson’s correlation, and chi-squared test; and (c) although the use of statistical methods has become increasingly diversified, about 90% of the methods used are basic-level statistics. We discuss these findings in relation to statistical teaching and learning for relevant stakeholders, especially T&I researchers.