[New Publication] Navigating the Web: A Qualitative Eye Tracking–Based Study of Translators’ Web Search Behaviour

By Claire Y. Shih

Series:   Elements in Translation and Interpreting


This Element reports an investigation of translators’ use of web-based resources and search engines. The study adopted a qualitative eye tracking-based methodology utilising a combination of gaze replay and retrospective think aloud (RTA) to elicit data. The main contribution of this Element lies in presenting not only an alternative eye tracking methodology for investigating translators’ web search behaviour but also a systematic approach to gauging the reasoning behind translators’ highly complex and context-dependent interaction with search engines and the Web.

Open access by 20 April at: https://www.cambridge.org/core/elements/navigating-the-web/0D139745CC78C468D52991421E8F4035