[New Publication] Translation Competence: Theory, Research and Practice

By Carla Quinci

Book Description

This book offers a systematic and comprehensive account of translation competence (TC), reflecting on its different models and conceptualisations throughout its development and outlining future directions for both theory and practice.

The volume charts the evolution of TC in line with related findings in empirical product- and process-oriented research. In critically examining the different models of translation competence, Quinci explores a wide range of connected issues of ongoing debate within Translation Studies, including translation quality, the revision process, and translator self-assessment. The second section of the book investigates these themes at work in the design, conduct, and results of an award-winning longitudinal research project which analysed the acquisition and development of TC in a sample group of translation trainees and professional translators. The volume builds on the outcomes of this project to offer practical activities for translator education, informed by theory and empirical research, toward encouraging continued reflection and new directions for translation competence research and practice.

This book will be of interest to scholars in Translation Studies, as well as translation trainees and active translation professionals.