[New Publication] Intra- and Interlingual Translation in Flux

By Višnja Jovanović

Book Description

This book extends new lines of inquiry on intra- and interlingual translation, building on Jakobson’s classification of translational relations to take into account the full complexity of language and the role of social dimensions in fostering linguistic unity and identity.

Jovanović argues that intra- and interlingual translation do not form a stable relationship but, in fact, are both contingent on how languages and their borders are defined. Chapters unpack the causes and effects of this instability through the lens of Serbo- Croatian literature, where the impact of sociopolitical pressure on language over time can be keenly observed. Drawing on work from translation studies, sociolinguistics, close reading, distant reading, and discourse analysis, Jovanović charts how linguistic fluidity, where linguistic borders are challenged at both the macro and the micro level as a result of sociopolitical change, in turns shapes literary and cultural circulation. In its examination of the intersection of the linguistic and social in translational relations in the Serbo- Croatian context, the book can offer wider insights into better understanding the literary and translational landscape of analogous sociolinguistic and geographic milieus.

This volume will be of interest to scholars in literary translation, translation theory, sociology of translation, comparative literature, and multilingualism.