[New Publication] Theatre Translation: A Practice as Research Model

By Angela Tiziana Tarantini

About this book

This book examines the effects of translation on theatrical performance. The author adapts and applies Kershaw et al.’s Practice as Research model to an empirical investigation analysing the effects of translation on the rhythm and gesture of a playtext in performance, using the contemporary plays Convincing Ground and The Gully by Australian playwright David Mence which have been translated into Italian. The book is divided into two parts: a theoretical exegesis encompassing Translation Studies, Performance Studies and Gesture Studies, and a practical investigation comprising of a workshop where excerpts of the plays are explored by two groups of actors. The chapters are accompanied by short clips of the performance workshop hosted on SpringerLink. The book will be of interest to students and scholars in the fields of Translation Studies (and Theatre Translation more specifically), Theatre and Performance, and Gesture Studies.