[Event] Investigations in Interdisciplinarity: Arts and Humanities Conference (28-30 June)

Free and open to all

Keynotes from Professor Jo Evans, Professor Susanne Kord and Professor Lihua Jiang.


About this event

Investigations in Interdisciplinarity: SELCS-CMII PGR Research Day 2022

ORGANISERS: Lakkaya Palmer and Huihang Jia


28/06/2022 – IN PERSON (UCL)

10:30-10:45: Open and Welcome

10:45-11:45: KEYNOTE: Jo Evans, ‘Sex and Censorship: Who knows what the Arts and Humanities can do?’

CHAIR: Sonu Shamdasani

11:45-12:00: COFFEE BREAK

12:15-13:00: PANEL: ‘Cultural Encounters and Conflicts 1’

CHAIR: Zoltán Biedermann

• Umair Ibraheem Ahmed, ‘The English at court : The effect of sexuality on early modern EIC-Mughal diplomatic encounters’

• Samantha Brown, ‘“Written from the right hand to the left, and so must be read”: Encounters with Arabic in early modern England’

13:00-14:30: LUNCH (not provided)

14:30-16:00: PANEL: ‘Artistic Meditations on Space’

CHAIR: Emily Baker

• Luisa Boada Bayona, ‘Thinking about music from the periphery: a psychosocial introduction to fluid conceptions of music’

• Michael Robert Protheroe, ‘Queer space, time and visuality in Una mujer fantástica’

• Vincent Erick Rasmussen, ‘Representing “the North” in early 20th century Canadian literature’

• Silvia Vittonatto, ‘Staying at Home: “Literary Nesting” as a Response to the Climate Crisis’

29/06/2022 – IN PERSON (UCL)

10:30-10:45: Open and Welcome

10:45-11:45: KEYNOTE: Susanne Kord, ‘The Emperor’s Clothes: Napoleon as a Screen Icon’

CHAIR: Lakkaya Palmer

11:45-12:00: COFFEE BREAK

12:00-13:30: PANEL: ‘New Perspectives on Global Cinema’

CHAIR: Lee Grieveson

• Yi Li Li, ‘Internet Plus Policies and its influences on the development of the Chinese New Melody Films’

• Lakkaya Palmer, ‘Curse of Cronus: The Issues with Masculinity in American Horror Cinema’

• Yixuan Wu, ‘Les Films et Les Choses: French Cinema from the New Wave through the 1970s’

13:30-15:00: LUNCH (not provided)

15:00-16:00: PANEL: ‘Cultural Encounters and Conflicts 2’

CHAIR: Stefano Rossoni

• Omar Abdelqader, ‘Fanon in Palestine: Violence and Hegemony Under Settler Colonialism’

• Camille Crichlow, ‘Face, Race, and the Historical Making of Modern Surveillance’

30/06/2022 – ONLINE (ZOOM)

10:30-10:45: Open and Welcome

10:45-11:45: KEYNOTE: Lihua Jiang, ‘VR-based Training of Interpreters for Emergency Language Services’

CHAIR: Huihuang Jia

11:45-12:00: BREAK

12:00-13:30: PANEL: ‘Space, Time, and Environment’

CHAIR: Jennifer Rushworth

• Arthur Davis, ‘Temporalities in Tension: Reimagining the “Sexual Migrant” from a Temporal Standpoint’

• Serena Pei, ‘Taoism and Environmental Humanities’

• Gabriel Wartinger, ‘Waltende Souveränität. Prevailing, Swaying, Sovereignty. Heraclitus, Heidegger, Derrida’

13:30-14:30: LUNCH

14:30-16:00: PANEL: ‘Music, Film, and Performance’

CHAIR: Florian Mussgnug

• Gisele Ja-Lindy Edwards, ‘Reflections on current embodiment discourse particularly in relation to the artist’s practice’

• Huihuang Jia, ‘How to Improve the Experience of Watching Subtitled Films: A Reception Research Study Utilising Eye-Tracking and EEG’

• Emily Moore, ‘“That Kiss Was Full of Teeth”: Ambivalence and Imperfect Resistance in Gayl Jones’s Eva’s Man and Charles Mingus’s The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady’

• Elizabeth Wang, ‘(Re)Mapping the Virtual and the Imaginary: Site-Specific Video Installations and Digitally Mediated Heterotopias’