[CFP] Translation as Event. Performing and Staging Translations

Yearbook of Translational Hermeneutics 3/2023

Marco Agnetta / Larisa Cercel / Brian O’Keeffe [eds.]

The editors of the Yearbook of Translational Hermeneutics invite contributions broadly aimed at relating translation theory and performance studies together, focused specifically on the notion of translation as an event. At issue, in this edition of the Yearbook, is the extent to which the activities, processes and products of translation can be characterized as performance, and whether the profiling of translators as performers illuminates their embodied experience, cognitive operations, and material practice. At issue, moreover, is whether theories and philosophies of the event and eventfulness can assist in describing what happens to a source text when it is translated, performed and transformed into a new guise – or even into a new mode of being. This goes particularly for texts subject to intersemiotic and intermedial translation and which are accordingly performed thanks to other modalities of expression.

Call for Papers (here). [Deadline Abstracts: 15.05.2022; Deadline Articles: 01.10.2022]

For more details, visit: https://journals.qucosa.de/yth/announcement/view/1