[New Publication] Advances in Educational Interpreting

Elizabeth A. Winston and Stephen B. Fitzmaurice, Editors

December 2021

In this follow up to Educational Interpreting: How It Can Succeed, published in 2004, Elizabeth A. Winston and Stephen B. Fitzmaurice present research about the current state of educational interpreting in both K-12 and post-secondary settings. This volume brings together experts in the field, including Deaf and hearing educational interpreters, interpreter researchers, interpreter educators, and Deaf consumers of educational interpreting services. The contributors explore impacts and potential outcomes for students placed in interpreted education settings, and address such topics as interpreter skills, cultural needs, and emergent signers.

Winston and Fitzmaurice argue massive systemic paradigm shifts in interpreted educations are as needed now as they were when the first volume was published, and that these changes require the collaborative efforts of everyone on the educational team, including: administrators, general education teachers, teachers of the deaf, interpreters, and counselors. The contributors to this volume address research-based challenges and make recommendations for how interpreting practitioners, and all members of the educational team, can enact meaningful changes in their work towards becoming part of a more comprehensive solution to deaf education.