[Event] Translation on and over the Web

Cornelia Zwischenberger and her research group at the University of Vienna are organising the workshop Translation on and over the Web: Disentangling its conceptual uncertainties and ethical questions, which will take place on 12 November 2021.

This event aims to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas surrounding questions such as: What is the most appropriate meta-concept for these relatively new online translation practices? How can we conceptualise the diverse types  of translation underlying the various candidates for top-level concept? What are the ethical implications of these online translation phenomena? The following participants will share their views on these issues: Renée Desjardins, Miguel Á. Jiménez-Crespo, Henry Jones, David Orrego-Carmona, Luis Pérez-González, Attila Piróth, Regina Rogl, Leandra Sitte, Xiaochun Zhang and Cornelia Zwischenberger.

The registration form and the workshop programme can be found at: https://transcultcom.univie.ac.at/workshop-2021-translation-on-and-over-the-web/