[New Publication] Translating Fear – Translated Fears: Understanding Fear across Languages and Cultures

Edited By Teresa Maria Menano Seruya, Maria Lin Moniz and Alexandra Ambrósio Lopes

About this book

Fear seems to be at the heart of both present-day and past forms of anger, an anger that is produced in and by discourse and in and through translation. It seems to be spreading globally, so much so that we are now living in the age of anger. Fear is a hot topic on the agenda nowadays, both in the news and in academia. The present collection of chapters by ten TS researchers focuses on the relationship between translation as an ambivalent practice and fear. The chapters deal with various discursive practices and disciplines within different contexts: geographical (Middle East, Lampedusa, France, and Portugal); political and historical (the Portuguese dictatorship and its censorial regime, the colonial war); and literary translation (poetry, novels, and dark literature).