[New Publication] Styles, Standards and Meaning in Lesser-Studied Languages

Special issue of Language Ecology 4:1 (2020)

Uri Horesh Achva Academic College, Jonathan R. Kasstan University of Westminster, Miriam Meyerhoff University of Oxford


Styles, standards and meaning
Issues in the globalisation of sociolinguistics
Miriam MeyerhoffMaya Ravindranath AbtahianRoey J. GafterUri HoreshJonathan R. KasstanPeter Keegan & Jeanette King | pp. 1–16


Style, identity and language shift
Maya Ravindranath Abtahian | pp. 17–38

Stylistic variation in Hebrew reading tasks
Methodological and theoretical insights
Roey J. Gafter | pp. 39–54

Stylistic variation in read Arabic
A case study from Palestine
Uri Horesh | pp. 55–72

Modelling stylistic variation in threatened and under-documented languages
Jonathan R. Kasstan | pp. 73–94

Prestige norms and sound change in Māori
Jeanette KingMargaret MaclaganRay HarlowPeter Keegan & Catherine Watson | pp. 95–114

Style variation in the second formant
What does it mean to be “refined” in Baba Malay?
Nala H. Lee | pp. 115–130