[New Publication] Fathoming Translation as Discursive Experience: Theorization and Application

By Chunshen Zhu

Copyright Year 2022

Book Description

With his positive approach to translation studies featured in this highly original volume, Chunshen Zhu brings into perspective from the vantage point of translation the workings of human factors in text production, interpretation, and dissemination in and through translation in varying social situations.

This book examines a variety of key issues heatedly debated or largely neglected in the field of translation studies and beyond – for example, meaning making, nature of the unit of translation, augmentation of transitivity by modification, signification of repetition, and cognitive effects of syntactic iconicity – by critically engaging insights from functional linguistics and philosophy of language, among other fields of study. These issue-driven, phenomenon-focused, and theorization-oriented studies, presented in eight chapters with ample exemplification and case studies, form a coherent whole to bring a network of correlations between theory and practice, linguistics and literature, form and content, information structure and communicative function, intention and effect, and textuality and experience to bear upon the study of translation, fathoming its depths not only as a linguistic operation but more significantly as a textually accountable process of intersubjective and cross-lingual sign making that facilitates humans’ understanding of themselves and of the world.

The book is therefore a useful reference for scholars, teachers, and postgraduate and research students who are interested in a comprehensive yet focused approach to translation as an academic subject straddling linguistics and literary, cultural, and social studies. It will also be useful for those who would like to observe bilingualism and cross-cultural communication through translation in general and translation involving the Chinese language in particular.