[Job Vacancy] Lecturer/ Associate Professor/ Professor, Department of Interpreting

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies – School of Interpreting and Translation Studies

Location: Guangzhou – China
Salary: ¥11,000 to ¥23,000
£1,234.02 to £2,580.23 converted salary* /month
Hours: Full Time
Contract Type: Permanent, Fixed-Term/Contract
Placed On: 19th July 2021
Expires: 18th September 2021


Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is one of the prestigious universities in Canton, China which specializes in international studies and educates professionals for international business and management.

Established in May 2005, the School of Interpreting and Translation Studies (SITS) at GDUFS is dedicated to teaching and research in translation as one of the best of its kind in China. It boasts a great teaching and research staff with abundant experience in both the theory and practice of interpreting and translation.

SITS has the Department of Interpreting, the Department of Translation Studies, the Research Center for Interpreting and Translation Studies, the Training Center for Advanced Interpreters and Translators, and the National Resources Center for Translation Studies.


The ideal candidate will act professionally and accurately with interpreting teachers and students for language enhancement. He or she will be a fluent speaker of English with a PhD or equivalent in English or languages and experience of translation or interpreting, or alternatively English teaching with an emphasis on language editing or second language acquisition. He or she is a team player and most importantly, could be able to learn new task through work.


1) Co-working with T&I teachers to help improve students’ English rendition
2) Establish a course of Language Enhancement for Interpreters
3) Establishing a thorough understanding of the language service industry, analysing students’ data and raising suggestions regarding students’ language quality
4) Collaborating with marketing team on advertisement, branding, answering enquiries and cooperation with third parties;
5) Other work assigned by the team leader.

Remuneration Package:

Standard of Salary

Associate Professor, RMB 11,000-RMB13,000 /month;

Professor RMB 13,000-RMB 18,000 /month;

Well-known Scholar RMB 18,000-RMB 23,000 /month (well known scholar is hard to measure, I would suggest simply put the salary range of professor as “up to RMB 23,000 per month)

(Long-term foreign teachers should pay individual income tax.)

Free Accommodation

We provide free accommodation on campus for the long-term foreign teachers

(Fees of electricity, gas and toll call should be paid by individuals.)

Insurance & Medical Care

Long-term foreign teachers will entitle to public medical care the same as the other faculty members of the school. Besides, we take out the insurance for sever diseases, hospitalization and accidental injury for the foreign teachers under 65 during their working period in the university.

Flight Subsidy (paid monthly, inclusive of salary)

America and Canada:

America RMB 1,100 / month;

Canada RMB1,200 /month

Western Europe: RMB 1,200 / month

How to Apply:

Professors and associate professors, with relevant graduate degree or above, and those with abundant experience of teaching or practices in enterprises have priority. All applicants must submit the following:

  1. Updated resume
  2. Copy of highest degree certificate
  3. Teacher service record, if applicable
  4. Copy of passport (your personal information will not be used for other purposes)

For those who are interested in working for a dynamic and prestigious university in Guangzhou, China, please contact: sitsinternational@163.com