[Job Vacancy] Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Charles University


The Institute of Translation Studies, Charles University, Prague, offers a vacant position of a post-doctoral fellow. The area of research includes the so-called Institutional Translation Studies. This sub-discipline has emerged rather recently, yet it attracts growing interest by translation scholars around the globe. Many, however, regard Institutional Translation research as a synonym for studying legal translation in institutional contexts. This is too narrow a perspective, which needs to be widened by researching the scope of legal and non-legal translation discourses within institutions. Arguably, for example within EU institutions, the non-legal domain is well represented as a substantial share of the documents translated every year by in-house translators. This observation needs empirical substantiation, and the study of the proportion of legal vs. non-legal discourse in institutions will be the goal of the prospective post-doc fellow. The research will include quantitative and qualitative research as well as targeted enquiry using surveys and structured interviews. The research findings, after publication, will enrich the understanding of Institutional Translation at large.


What do we offer?

The post includes a two-year contract in Prague (i.e., 2022 and 2023), under financial conditions competitive in the Czech Republic

Teaching opportunities, shadowing, in relevant courses

Opportunity to get involved in the Institute’s Ph.D. study programme as lecturer and/or co-supervisor

Participation in conferences and training offered by the EMT (European Masters in Translation) network (the Institute is EMT member)


Who is eligible?

Eligibility for a post-doc position (max. 5 years after Ph.D. on Jan 1, 2022)

Degree and/or thorough qualification in the area of Translation Studies

Due to tax specification, the candidate cannot be employed in any other country than Czech Republic in course of the postdoctoral period.



The researcher will teach at least one seminar on either undergraduate or postgraduate level every semester (topics to be discussed)

Two publications in IF academic journals

Drafting and submitting an application for international research funding (subject to availability of funding opportunities and/or specific calls), which will involve other colleagues from the Institute as well

Involvement in organizing an EMT international conference, which will take place in Prague in 2022


The applicants should submit:

All documents required by the Charles University’s Junior Fund

A one-page cover letter introducing yourselves

A two-page description of the proposed project


Salary: Equivalent to 2,000 EUR/month

Workplace: Institute of Translation Studies, Faculty of Art, Charles University

Contact: PhDr. Bc. Tomáš Svoboda, PhD.

E-mail: tomas.svoboda@ff.cuni.cz

Position available from: January 1, 2022


Deadline for applications: July 15, 2021

Applicants must submit required documents to: tomas. svoboda@ff.cuni.cz (project supervisor)