[New Publication] Translation, Semiotics, and Feminism: Selected Writings of Barbara Godard

Edited By Eva C. KarpinskiElena Basile

Book Description

Translation, Semiotics, and Feminism: Selected Writings of Barbara Godard brings together 16 of the most important essays by the influential Canadian scholar, situating her thinking in relation to feminism and translation studies from the 1980s through the 2000s. Godard’s lasting contributions helped to advance several areas in translation studies such as feminist theories and semiotics.

The collection includes two previously unpublished essays and two essays that have so far only appeared in French. Organized into four thematic parts: Feminist theories, Comparative Cultural studies, Semiotics and ethics, and Embodied praxis of translation, each part is accompanied by specifically focused introductory essays written by the editors, elucidating the material presented in each section. Topics covered range from translating and sexual difference and feminist discourse, to translation and theatre and the ethics of translating.

This timely book is key reading for scholars, researchers and advanced students of translation studies, comparative literature, gender studies and cultural studies.