[New Publication] Latest advancements in audiovisual translation education (Open access)

By Alejandro Bolaños-García-Escribano, Jorge Díaz-Cintas & Serenella Massidda

The Interpreter and Translator Trainer, 15:1, 1-12, DOI: 10.1080/1750399X.2021.1880308


The consumption of audiovisual content, from the more traditional animations, documentaries, movies, and TV shows to the more recent online user-generated content found on social media platforms, including video games, has grown exponentially over the last few decades. The omnipresence of screens in society has led to transformations in audiences’ watching habits, now impatient to enjoy their programmes as soon as possible and inclined to binge watch. Recent technological advances in the production of specialist audiovisual translation (AVT) software and web-based applications have paved the way for further changes and enhancements in the ways professionals localise audiovisual content and in the nature of the services provided. This special issue sheds light on the current teaching and learning practices, methodologies and issues encountered by translator trainers specialised in AVT, with particular emphasis on pedagogical innovation, media accessibility, and translation technology.

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