[CFP] Journal of Chinese Film Studies

ISSN: 2702-2285
First published: May 20, 2021
Editors-in-chief: Haizhou Wang, Haina Jin

About this journal


Journal of Chinese Film Studies (JCFS) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal which focuses on the history, theory, criticism, practice and industries of Chinese film and provides a platform for cutting-edge academic research and debate. It is committed to advancing interdisciplinary approaches to the analysis of Chinese films and cinematic practices across multiple genres and platforms.

The journal is open to all areas of scholarship in Chinese film studies. We welcome academic work from multiple critical, cultural, and theoretical perspectives.

The journal seeks original research articles that pursue innovative research directions and methodologies or engage with significant historiographical or interpretive issues of films from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Chinese diaspora. The journal also welcomes reviews of books and films of significance to the focus of the journal, as well as interviews with filmmakers and film scholars. It will showcase research both from established scholars and emerging new voices of Chinese film studies. Authors who have had their articles accepted are encouraged to submit video abstracts.

The journal offers:

  • Cutting edge research results in Chinese film studies
  • Interdisciplinary approach and emphasis
  • Comprehensive outlook on Chinese films and cinematic practices
  • Latest developments of Chinese film industries
  • Direct and close contact with Chinese filmmakers and researchers
  • English translations of high-impact research in non-English languages
  • Inclusive and positive scholarly environment
  • Conversations and collaborations between researchers and professionals inside and outside of China

JCFS publishes articles in the following categories:

• articles of original research
• editorial
• book review
• film review
• interview

Submission can include, but are not limited to the following fields:

  • Chinese film history
  • Chinese film industries
  • Auteurs in Chinese cinemas
  • Stardom in Chinese cinemas
  • Film genres of Chinese cinemas
  • Chinese cinematic practices
  • Chinese cinemas, culture, and society
  • Reception of Chinese cinemas
  • Multilingualism in Chinese cinemas
  • Gender/class/sexuality in Chinese cinemas
  • Chinese films on ethnic minorities
  • Transnational Chinese cinemas