[New Publication] CULTUS 13 (2020) MEDIATING NARRATIVES OF MIGRATION (Open access)

Editors: David Katan – Cinzia Spinzi

Guest EditorsRaffaela Merlini and Christina Schäffner

Table of Contents

Narrating narratives of migration through translation, interpreting and the media
Raffaela Merlini and Christina Schäffner                                                 

A Conversation about Translation and Migration
Moira Inghilleri and Loredana Polezzi

Easy Eatalian Chefs of Italian origin hosting cookery series on British television and mediating 
their cultural heritage
Linda Rossato

The mediation of subtitling in the narrative construction of migrant and/or marginalized stories
Alessandra Rizzo

Interlinguistic and intercultural mediation in psychological care interviews with asylum seekers and refugees: Handling emotions in the narration of traumatic experience
Francisco Raga, Dora Sales and Marta Sánchez                                       

Interpreting Distress Narratives in Italian Reception Centres: The need for caution when negotiating empathy
Mette Rudvin and Astrid Carfagnini                                                      

From Italy with love: Narratives of expats’ political engagement in a corpus of Italian media outlets
Gaia Aragrande and Chiara De Lazzari                                                   

Journalistic translation in migrant news narratives: Representations of the Diciotti Crisis in 
British news brands
Denise Filmer                                                                                 

“Language barrier” in UK newspapers 2010-2020: Figurative meaning, migration, and language needs
Federico Federici                                                                             

To Translate or not To Translate: Narratives and Translation in the UK Home Office
Elena Ruiz-Cortés