[Event] Investigating Technologies in Translation and Interpreting Studies

Date And Time

Wed, 2 December 2020

02:00 ā€“ 03:30 KST

About this Event

The Centre for Translation & Interpreting Studies in Scotland at Heriot-Watt University invites you to a webinar with two presenters who will share their experiences of applying a technological framework to the study of video-mediated interpreting.

Different frameworks have been applied to problematise and investigate social processes in technological innovation and used to examine how technology has been introduced to facilitate communication. Our interest is in how technologies have been introduced with respect to mediated communication, and the involvement of interpreters in any form of co-production with technologies in order to ensure successful and meaningful access to communication in different languages.

Actor Network Theory (ANT) from Science and Technology Studies in particular has been applied by three researchers in their PhD studies using a ‘sociology of translation’ framework to understanding the development and provision of video-mediated interpreting:

  • Dr Jerome Devaux has examined video remote spoken language interpreting in court
  • Dr Robert Skinner has examined video remote sign language interpreting police settings
  • Dr Hilde Haualand has done a comparative analysis of video relay services in three countries

This webinar will provide an overview of different frameworks and how they have been applied in translation and interpreting studies research, then Jerome, Robert and Hilde will present an overview of their research, how they applied ANT, a summary of their findings, and the benefits of using the ANT in interpreting research.

This webinar is ideal for academics and PhD students in translation and interpreting studies who are interested in exploring innovative ways to apply different theoretical frameworks in their analysis of interpreting, or who are interested in the relationship between technologies, translation and interpreting.

Presenter bios

Dr Jerome Devaux is a Lecturer in French and Translation Studies the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics at the Open University in the UK. His research interests are in the areas of conference and public service interpreting, with a particular focus on the use of new technologies in these settings, and the impact they have on human-human and human-technology interaction. His doctoral thesis was entitled: Technologies in interpreter-mediated criminal court hearings: An Actor-Network Theory account of the interpreter’s perception of her role-space.

Dr Robert Skinner recently graduated in 2020 with his PhD from the Department of Languages & Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, where he now works part-time as a research associate. Robert is also a practising British Sign Language and International Sign interpreters. His research interest is in the area of sign language interpreting, and particularly in relation to video-mediated interpreting and legal settings. His doctoral thesis was entitled: Approximately There ā€“ Positioning video-mediated interpreting in frontline police services.

Dr Hilde Haualand is an Associate Professor in the Department of International Studies and Interpreting at the Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway. Her research interests are in the areas of remote interpreting, sign language interpreting, multimodal approaches to interpreting , professional knowledge, Deaf Studies and language ideology. Her doctoral thesis was entitled: Interpreting Ideals and Relaying Rights. A Comparative Study of Video Interpreting Services in Norway, Sweden and the United States.

A zoom link will be provided to registrants 24 hours before the event.

The webinar will be delivered in British Sign Language, International Sign and spoken English.

See here for description of event in British Sign Language: https://youtu.be/zjoqkcWedjg

See here for description of event in International Sign: https://youtu.be/bc0e5MBKqzI