[CFP] The 20th ITRI International Conference

The Interpreting and Translation Research Institute (ITRI) at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS)cordially invites you to submit proposals to present papers at the 20th ITRI international conference, scheduled to be held virtually on January 22-23,2021. The theme of the conference is “The Roles and Identities of Interpreters and Translators in an Ever-Changing World.”

▣  Background

Over the years, interpretation and translation have been in a vortex of unprecedented changes, which have been further accelerated by the COVID-19pandemic.

With the ever-growing international mobility, the increase of migration, the use of ICT technologies and Big Data, and changing business models in different markets, interpretation goes beyond conference interpreting to cover various types and modalities, including interpreting for the provision of public services and community interpreting. More recently, the pandemic has led to greater demands for remote interpreting services while interest in sociological and ideological aspects of interpretation has continued.

The field of translation is also undergoing dramatic perceptual shifts. With there markable development of science and technology, the use of translation tools, systems, and programs has become vital. Machine translation programs equipped with artificial intelligence and deep learning are able to produce acceptable translations instantly, free of charge, thus threatening the very future of the profession. In this context, the scope of the profession and required skills is expanding as translation itself is becoming more multifaceted and multi-modal.

All these factors merit deeper reflection and prompt us to raise questions about the new roles and identities of interpreters and translators in an ever-changing context. ITRI invites you to contribute to this reflective process, with the aim of better identifying and understanding the paradigm shifts in the two professions, the impacts of technology development on the markets, new realities and opportunities for interpreters and translators, and the evolution of teaching methods and learning process.

▣  Conference Details

Date: Friday, January 22 to Saturday, January 23, 2021

Venue: Online (Upon on line registration, we will email you the information on how to join the conference, which will also be posted on our website.)

Theme: “The Roles and Identities of Interpreters and Translators in an Ever-Changing World”

Sub-themes: New ecosystems in interpreting and translating

                     The use of technologies in interpreting and translating

                     Translators and interpreters as mediators

                     Legal and ethical issues in interpreting and translating

                     Profiles and professional identities of interpreters and translators

    Training interpreters and translators in a new environment

*Other topics related to the theme are also welcome.

Deadline to submit applications and abstracts: December 1, 2020

Please submit your presentation abstract in English or in Korean.

Please send in a brief biography together with the Abstract.

Deadline to submit papers (MS Word or PowerPoint slides): January 13, 2021

Please submit your paper in MSWord or PowerPoint format.  

▣  Details about conference registration


  • Registration fee: free
  • The online conference link will be posted on the ITRI homepage.

In order to ensure smooth preparations for the conference, you are kindly asked to adhere to the above deadlines. Thank you in advance for your interest and participation.

Interpreting and Translation Research Institute (ITRI)

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS)

Seoul, Republic of Korea