[New Publication] New Voices in Translation Studies 22 (2020) Special Issue

New Voices in Translation Studies 22 (2020) Special Issue: Rethinking (Self-)Translation in (Trans)national Contexts


Edited by:

Ruth Abou Rached, Edmund Chapman, David Charlston, Kelly Pasmatzi, M. Zain Sulaiman, Marija Todorova

With Special Issue Guest Editors: Magdalena Kampert, Elena Anna Spagnuolo, Huimin Zhong

Abstracts Editors: Ruth Abou Rached and Kelly Pasmatzi


Editors’ Introduction

New Voices Editorial Team and Guest Editors

Editors’ Introduction                                                   i-vii


A Barbarian in Rome, On Writing and Translating Between Two Literatures: A Conversation with Sinan Antoon

Sinan Antoon/ Interviewed by: Bashair Alibrahim

New York University/ University of Alberta-King Saud University, SAUDI ARABIA

English and Arabic Abstract Interview                                                    1 – 18


The ‘Polyglot Poetics’ of Ulrike Draesner’s Schwitters (in the Lakes)

Tom Marshall
University of Cambridge, UK

English and German AbstractArticle                                                        19 – 38


Cultural and Linguistic Liminality: Tsitsi Dangarembga’s The Book of Not as (Self-)Translation

Ana Victoria Mazza
University of Glasgow, UK

English and Spanish AbstractArticle                                                        39 – 65


Queer Multilingualism and Self-Translating the Queer Subject in Klaus Mann’s The Turning Point (1942) and Der Wendepunkt (1952)

Stina J. Nölken
University of Glasgow, UK

English and German AbstractArticle                                                          66 – 94


Self-translation in Spain between Visibility and Invisibility

Elena Stella
Catholic University of Milan, ITALY

English and Italian Abstract Article                                                          95 – 116


A Study on the Self-translation of Allusions in Bit Palas by Elif Shafak

Selen Tekalp
Department of Western Languages and Literatures, Dicle University, TURKEY

English and Turkish Abstract Article                                                        117 – 138


Promoting Translation-oriented Writing Competence in Arabic:
A Study in the Field of Language Didactics with Reference to University-level Teaching

Bassem Asker
University of Graz, AUSTRIA

English Abstract


An Audience-oriented Approach to Online Communication in English: The Case of European University Museums’ Websites

Chiara Bartolini
University of Bologna, ITALY

English and Italian Abstract


An Analysis of Translation Procedures of Japanese Manga into Malay from a Social Semiotic Multimodal Perspective

Yean Fun Chow
Translation and Interpreting Studies Section, School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA

English, Malay and Japanese Abstract


Translation of Judgments: A Corpus Study of the Textual Fit of EU to Polish Judgments

Dariusz Koźbiał
Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, POLAND

English Abstract


Beyond the Impossible: Fantastic Literature in Translation

Ellen Lambrechts

English and Spanish Abstract


Representations of Hong Kong in News Translation: A Corpus-Based Critical Narrative Analysis

Yuan Ping
University of Leeds, UK

English Abstract 


Culture-based Text Translation Strategy Analysis: English to Arabic

Mutahar Qassem
Najran University, SAUDI ARABIA

English Abstract


The Dynamics of Extratextual Translatorship in Contemporary Sweden. A Mixed Methods Approach

Elin Svahn
Stockholm University, SWEDEN

English Abstract


Taboo and Audiovisual Translation: A Descriptive Study of Translation Norms in the Subtitling of Taboo Language on Television

Catarina Xavier
ULICES – Centre for English Studies, University of Lisbon, PORTUGAL

English and Portuguese Abstract