[Job Vacancy] Marie Curie Individual Fellowship opportunity at the University of Bergamo

Marie Curie Individual Fellowship opportunity at the University of Bergamo

The University of Bergamo, as a Marie Curie Host Institution, is looking for potential Marie Curie fellows that might want to apply to come to the University of Bergamo and carry out their post-doctoral research.

Larissa D’Angelo is one of the supervisors approved by the University of Bergamo and is looking for potential fellows interested in AVT. The Foreign Language Department is setting up a multimedia lab (with an eye-tracking device, a Shimmer 3 GSR and a virtual reality eye-tracking device) and the Postdoc Fellow would be able to use the lab if interested in fixation-based research. He/she would collaborate with me and work in close contact with CERLIS (our Research Centre on Languages for Specific Purposes).

The call for interest falls under the MSCA-IF-2020 funding scheme and, like every Marie Curie action, it proposes a very interesting package for the potential researcher.

The requirements are the following:

– Candidates from every country can apply

– The grant finances a post-doctoral project of up to 2 years

– Candidates should hold a PhD or 4 years of research experience

– Candidates should meet the mobility criteria (not having lived in the host country more than 36 months on the last 5 years)

– There is no age restriction


The financial support of H2020 MSCA IFs by the EU takes into account a correction coefficient for the host country. It covers

– Living, mobility and family allowances for the researcher

– Research, training and networking costs

– Management and indirect costs

– The base gross salary of the researcher amounts to EUR 4,650 per month (please note this is gross salary before costs for e.g. health insurance, and income tax are subtracted).


The H2020 MSCA IFs official deadline is the 9th of September, but we are pre-screening candidates who respond to the University of Bergamo call by the 7th of July.

–> The form can be filled at https://www.unibg.it/node/8391

Please feel free to contact Larissa D’Angelo at larissa.dangelo@unibg.it if interested.