[New Publication] Translated and Visiting Russian Theatre in Britain

Translated and Visiting Russian Theatre in Britain, 1945–2015: A “Russia of the Theatrical Mind”?

Authors: Marsh, Cynthia

  • Charts British responses to Russian theatre from 1945–2015
    Analyses over 800 productions and reviews
    Of appeal to students, practitioners, teachers, and researchers

This book tackles questions about the reception and production of translated  and untranslated Russian theatre in post-WW2 Britain: why in British minds is Russia viewed almost as a run-of-the-mill production of a Chekhov play. Is it because Chekhov is so dominant in British theatre culture? What about all those other Russian writers?  Many of them are very different from Chekhov. A key question was formulated, thanks to a review by Susannah Clapp of Turgenev’s A Month in the Country: have the British staged a ‘Russia of the theatrical mind’?