[New Publication] Arabic Translation Across Discourses Edited by Said Faiq

Arabic Translation Across Discourses Edited by Said Faiq

A rare contribution to global translation as a ‘cross-cultural-open-concept’, Arabic Translation Across Discourses provides explorations of Arabic translation as an instance of transcultural and translingual encounters (transculguaging). This book examines the application and interrogation of discourses of translation in the translation of discourses (religion, literature, media, politics, technology, community, audiovisual, and automated systems of communication for translation). The contributors provide insights into the concerns and debates of Arabic translation as a tradition with local, yet global dimensions of translation and intercultural studies.

This volume will be of great interest to students and researchers of all translation studies, but will also provide a rich source for those studying and researching history, geopolitics, intercultural studies, globalization, and allied disciplines.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction: The discourse of translation and the translation of discourse – Said Faiq

2 The rise of interventionist Quran translations: Contextual overdetermination and the translator’s political agency – Waleed Bleyhesh al-Amri

3 Google Translate and BabelDr in community medical settings: Challenges of translating into Arabic – Sonia Halimi & Pierrette Bouillon

4 Community translation and the integration of immigrants – Zalfa Rihani

5 Mapping Arabic subtitling conventions: The case of Dubai One and MBC 2 – Amer Al-Adwan

6 Audiovisual translation and pragmatic loss in film subtitling – Fatma Ben Slamia

7 Audiovisual translation of humour into Arabic – Nassima Kerras and Meriem Serhani

8 Translating advertisements: Gain and loss – Mahmood K. M. Eshreteh

9 Engineered response and the translation of Arabic political texts – Hassane Lounis

10 A semantic approach to translating state propositions in technical discourse (English-Arabic) – Musallam Al-Ma’ani

11 Power relations and translation as ‘rewriting’ in the postcolonial context – Wesam Al-Assadi

12 Foreignizing the translation of a post-Arab spring Libyan short story – Safa Elnaili

13 Mapping crime fiction in Arabic literature – Tahani Alghureiby

14 Investigating the effect of stemming and part-of-speech tagging on automatic extraction of translation equivalents from parallel corpora for Arabic–English machine translation – Yasser M. Sabtan