[New Publication] Special Issue: Multilingua

Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication

Volume 38, Issue 5 (Sep 2019)

Special Issue: Audiovisual Translation as intercultural mediation, Guest Editors: Marie-Noëlle Guillot, Maria Pavesi and Louisa Desilla

AVT as intercultural mediation

by Guillot, Marie-Noëlle / Pavesi, Maria

Subtitling’s cross-cultural expressivity put to the test: A cross-sectional study of linguistic and cultural representation across Romance and Germanic languages

by Guillot, Marie-Noëlle

Subtitles and cinematic meaning-making: Interlingual subtitles as textual agents

by Messerli, Thomas C.

Talking proper vs. talking with an accent: the sociolinguistic divide in original and translated audiovisual dialogue

by Ranzato, Irene

Comparing insults across languages in films: Dubbing as cross-cultural mediation

by Pavesi, Maria / Formentelli, Maicol

(Dis)aligning across different linguacultures: Pragmatic questions from original to dubbed film dialogue

by Ghia, Elisa

Happily lost in translation: Misunderstandings in film dialogue

by Desilla, Louisa

POST-SCRIPT FROM FILM STUDIES: Whose choice? Watching non-English language films in the UK

by Kirsch, Griseldis