[CFP] 5th International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation

5th International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation

Bridging diverse worlds: expanding roles and contexts of non-professional interpreters and translators 

June 24 – June 26, 2020

University of Amsterdam, Department of Communication Science

Call for papers

Due to increased globalisation and migration waves, the research field of non-professional interpreting and translation studies has gained in prominence and acknowledgement in recent years. Nonetheless, to receive the recognition it deserves within the field of interpreting and translation studies, the critical and expanding role of non-professional interpreters and translators within increasingly complex and diverse contexts, needs continued attention from academia and practice. Pushing definitional and theoretical boundaries of interpreting and translation, it is a dynamic and still under-researched field that does not necessarily conforms to norms guiding professional multilingual communicative practices, though in many settings and contexts non-professional interpreting and translation is, in fact, more common in bridging diverse cultural and linguistic worlds, than professional interpreting and translation.

By bringing together researchers from various disciplines and practitioners from diverse settings, NPIT5 aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners within the field to share and discuss recent and relevant work within this discipline and related to the activities of non-professional interpreters and translators. Furthermore, this forum serves to expand the theoretical, methodological, ethical and disciplinary approaches related to this form of linguistic and cultural mediation. It builds on discussions initiated at the first four international conferences on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation held in Bologna/Forlì (2012), Mainz/Germersheim (2014), Zurich (2016), and Stellenbosch (2018).

The Fifth International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation (NPIT5) Organising Committee invites proposals for presentations on any theoretical, empirical, ethical and methodological aspect of research related to the conference theme. For all proposals the official conference language will be English.

Three categories of proposals will be considered: (i) individual presentations, (ii) panels, and (iii) posters.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Ad hoc translation/interpreting
  • Adult/child language and cultural brokering
  • Community translation and interpreting
  • Family interpreting
  • Machine translation/multilingual tools/online communication and information technologies
  • Natural/native translation/interpreting
  • Non-professional church/religious interpreting and/or translation
  • Non-professional media interpreting and/or translation (fansubbing, fandubbing, fanfiction, news, talk-shows, the web, etc.)
  • Non-professional sign language interpreting
  • Stakeholder perspectives on non-professional interpreters and translators
  • Training of non-professional interpreters and translators
  • Non-professional interpreting and/or translation in the field of war/conflicts, NGOs, asylum seeking, health care, community and social care, legal and police

Proposals for individual presentations or posters

Each paper presentation will be scheduled for 20 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion. Posters will be given extra time during a two-hour poster session. For individual presentations and posters, a 300-word abstract (including references) should be sent to the NPIT5-organisers (npit5conference@outlook.com) by September 15th, 2019. Abstracts will be double blind peer-reviewed and evaluated anonymously by the NPIT5 Advisory Board and Local Organisers. All contributions will be assessed on the basis of their relevance to the conference theme as well as their theoretical background and research design.

Proposals for panels

Panels make up a collection of up to four paper presentations given within a 120-minute timeframe and covering one of the particular topics listed above. Panels will be reviewed en bloc and based on the abstracts provided by the panel organizers.

Panel organisers are required to submit the following (npit5conference@outlook.com):

A general overview abstract (500 words including examples and references) describing the whole panel. This should also include:

  • A list of invited contributors and/or discussants (name, affiliation, email address);
  • A maximum of 8 keywords covering the subject, methodology and theoretical framework(s);
  • All individual abstracts (300 words each including references).

Moreover, panel organisers are also required to:

  • Chair their panel;
  • Ensure that all speakers register for the NPIT5 by the deadline for speaker registration (April 1, 2020).

Submissions for individual papers and panels can be send to: npit5conference@outlook.com

Important dates and deadlines:

Deadline submission individual papers, posters and panels:             15 September, 2019

Notification of acceptance:                                                                       1 December, 2019

Deadline speaker registration:                                                                 1 April, 2020