[New publication] Kirsten Malmkjær (2019) Translation and Creativity, 1st Edition

By Kirsten Malmkjær


Link: https://www.routledge.com/Translation-and-Creativity-1st-Edition/Malmkjaer/p/book/9781138123274

About this book:

Kirsten Malmkjær argues that translating can and should be considered a valuable art form. Examining notions of creativity and their relationship with translation and focusing on how the originality of translation is manifest in texts, the author explores a range of texts and their translations, in order to illustrate original as opposed to derivative translation. With reference to thirty translators’ discourses on their source texts and the author’s own experience of translating a short text, Malmkjær explores the theory of creativity, philosophical aesthetics, the philosophy of language, experimental and theoretical translation studies, and translators’ discourses on their work. Showing the relevance of these varied topics to the study of translating and translations underlines their complexity and the immensity of understanding that is regularly invested in translations. This work proposes a complete rethinking of the concepts of creativity and originality, as applied to translation, and is vital reading for advanced students and researchers in translation studies and comparative literature.


About the author:

Kirsten Malmkjær has taught at the universities of Birmingham, Cambridge, Middlesex and Leicester, UK. She has lectured extensively abroad, and published widely in Translation Studies.