[Event] APTIF9 – Reality vs. Illusion: From Morse Code to Machine Translation, 5-7 July 2019, South Korea,

9th Asia-Pacific Translation and Interpreting Forum (APTIF9)

Reality vs. Illusion: From Morse Code to Machine Translation

Location: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea
Dates: 5-7 July 2019

Link: http://www.aptif9.org/

About APTIF9

Artificial Intelligence is transforming every aspect of our lives. Translation and interpretation, previously believed to be the exclusive domain of humans, have not been immune to the changes brought on by the development of technology. In the face of this change, we are compelled to ask a decidedly fundamental question: “For what do we translate and interpret?”  Clients expect first-class translation and interpretation services at reasonable prices, and engineers aspire to develop cutting-edge devices and machines.
Skilled interpreters and translators hope to provide excellent services and, in return, expect appropriate compensation. Is there a way to achieve all these different needs? Can the utilitarian approach of “the greatest happiness for the greatest number” be the answer?
We are still blinded by unrealistic expectations, because we do not fully understand the changing reality. However, it is also true that machines are driving changes across the entire field of translation and interpretation. To restore the most lucid perception of our reality, we must understand and promote the core elements of translation and interpreting, while also appreciating and taking advantage of new technologies. APTIF9 will provide a flagship platform to address these significant challenges.
Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded experts from across the globe, as we also celebrate the 40th anniversary of GSIT.