[New publication] Giselle Spiteri Miggiani (2019) Dialogue Writing for Dubbing An Insider’s Perspective

Dialogue Writing for Dubbing An Insider’s Perspective

Giselle Spiteri Miggiani

About this book:

This book analyses an important phase in the interlingual dubbing process of audiovisual productions: the elaboration of target language scripts for the recording studios. Written by a practitioner in the industry who is also an academic and trainer, it provides practical know-how and guidelines while adopting a scholarly, structural and methodical approach. Supported by an exemplified, analytical and theoretical framework, it is non-language specific and discusses strategies and tricks of the trade. Divided into three parts, the book provides a descriptive, practical and analytical approach to dubbing and dialogue writing. The author analyses scripts drawn from her own professional practice, including initial drafts that illustrate the various transformations of a text throughout the rewriting process. She also offers a ‘backstage’ perspective, from first-hand experience in recording sessions that enabled knowledge of text manipulation, studio jargon, and the dubbing post production process. This publication will provide a valuable resource for novice dubbing translators and dialogue writers, while offering practitioner insights to scholars and researchers in the field of Audiovisual Translation, Film and Media Studies.

About the author:

Giselle Spiteri Miggiani, is a translator and dubbing dialogue writer of TV series and movies broadcast on Italian TV (RAI, Mediaset, Sky). She is a lecturer in Audiovisual Translation at the University of Malta.

Link: https://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9783030049652#aboutAuthors