[New publication] Sanderson, John D. and Carla Botella-Tejera (eds) (2019) Focusing on Audiovisual Translation Research

Focusing on Audiovisual Translation Research

Edited by John D. Sanderson and Carla Botella-Tejera

About this book:

The aim of this volume is to make a statement on the importance of research on Audiovisual Translation, both in its different varieties of production (dubbing, subtitling, surtitling, voice-over and e-learning) and in its relationship with language acquisition. On the whole, it is a merging of applied theory and practice, with a willingness to encourage a dialogue between scholars specialized in this field that may expand to other fields.

Link: http://www.lallibreria-uv.es/Focusing-on-Audiovisual-Translation-Research-Isbn-978-84-9134-390-5-Codigo-ETW,000014