[CFP] Call for Proposals of Themantic Issues

Call for papers: CALL FOR CALLS

Linguistica Antverpiensia, New Series – Themes in Translation Studies (LANS – TTS) is an annual, peer-reviewed, open-access publication devoted to the study of translation and interpreting that is indexed in the Web of Science. The journal is not bound to any particular school of thought or academic group.

Translation is understood to be a dynamic form of communication which has strong roots in the society and culture that produce it and is conceived as an integral part of the production and reproduction of culture in the broadest sense.

Each issue of Linguistica Antverpiensia, New Series – Themes in Translation Studies centres on a specific topic, in order to reflect the diversity of what is considered to be translation today, and  offers an open forum for a wide range of approaches of a theoretical, methodological or descriptive nature.

For more information see https://lans-tts.uantwerpen.be

Proposals for thematic issues for review by the journal’s editorial board

Guest editors may submit proposals for thematic issues to the journal’s editorial board. To do so, please send your proposal to Dr Katrien Lievois, using the journal’s general e-mail address (lans.tts@gmail.com).

To be considered, proposals must include the following five elements:

  • guest editors’ names and affiliations;
  • guest editors’ track records in the suggested research domain(s) (e.g., proof of achievements, credentials, expertise);
  • a title and a brief presentation of the proposed topic (500–1000 words), consisting of a general description of the theme, followed by more specific research topics;
  • a working reference list in APA format (6th edition) and
  • a motivation (max. 500 words) explaining why the proposed topic is innovative, relevant for Translation Studies and feasible considering the scope of an annual publication.

Proposal reviews for thematic issues

The editorial board will draw up a shortlist of proposals by initially examining proposals based on their originality, international thematic relevance, innovativeness and (non)redundancy with former thematic issues. For an overview of former issues, please consult the following URLs:

Proposals for thematic issues are discussed at the annual meeting of the editorial board, which generally takes place in November. The editorial board will take one of the following three decisions:

  • accept the proposal without modifications;
  • accept the proposal with suggestions for modifications (‘conditional acceptance’) and
  • reject the proposal.


  • Submission of a proposal for a thematic issue: 15 October 2018
  • Acceptance of the submitted proposal for a thematic issue: 1 December 2018
  • First call for papers: 1 February 2019
  • Submission of proposals for papers: 1 May 2019 (title and abstract of approx. 300 words, references not included)
  • If necessary, second call for papers : 1 June 2019
  • Acceptance of the submitted proposal: 1 July 2019. The proposals for papers will be reviewed by guest editors, the editorial board and the journal’s chief editor. Upon acceptance, authors will receive a stylesheet as well as a template for their texts.
  • Submission of papers: 1 February 2020 (maximum 38,000 characters, including references, notes and spaces).
  • Acceptance of papers: 1 April 2020
  • Submission of the final versions: 1 September 2020. Guest editors will accept the final versions of the papers after they have proofread them one final time for form and contents.
  • The editorial work takes place between 1 September and 1 November 2020. The editorial board takes care of the final editing work, adding the review articles (Review editor: Iris Schrijver) and producing the final PDF file.
  • Publication: in the course of December 2020.

Double-blind peer review process

Reviewers are selected from a list of experts made available by the journal. Guest editors may suggest additional experts for the reviewing process.


English, French, German and Spanish


Please send proposals for thematic issues or any questions to lans.tts@gmail.com