[New publication] Translation and World Literature (Routledge), edited by Susan Bassnett

Edited by Susan Bassnett

About this book:

Translation and World Literature offers a variety of international perspectives on the complex role of translation in the dissemination of literatures around the world. Eleven chapters written by multilingual scholars explore issues and themes as diverse as the geopolitics of translation, cosmopolitanism, changing media environments and transdisciplinarity. This book locates translation firmly within current debates about the transcultural movements of texts and challenges the hegemony of English in world literature. Translation and World Literature is an indispensable resource for students and scholars working in the fields of translation studies, comparative literature and world literature.


Introduction: the rocky relationship between translation studies and world literature – Susan Bassnett

Translation and world literature: the Indian context – Harish Trivedi

World-literature in French: monolingualism, Francophonie and the dynamics of translation – Charles Forsdick

Translation studies for a world community of literature – Azucena G. Blanco

Translation and cosmopolitanism – Paulo de Medeiros

Gualterio Escoto—a writer across world-literatures – César Domínguez

German, translation, and the world in Czernovitz – Sherry Simon

Minor translations and the world literature of the masses in Latin America – Martín Gaspar

Maxim Gorky and world literature: challenging the maxims – Svetlana Page

The proliferating paths of Jorge Luis Borges’ work in translation and the resistance to an innovative trait – Cecilia Alvstad

Two ages of world literature – Karin Littau

Seeing the Mediterranean again (in and out of translation) – Stephanos Stephanides