[New publication] Barricade, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2018


 Barricade – A Journal of Antifascism and Translation, Spring 2018

Letter from the EditorAmy Obermeyer

Faisaly and WehdatHisham Bustani, translated from the Arabic by Maia Tabet

A Bouquet of Subversive Ideas, Dedicated to CensorshipHisham Bustani, translated from the Arabic by Emily Sibley

Letter from Paris: André Gide and His New AntagonistWalter Benjamin, translated from the German by Charles Gelman

A European Peace (Una Paz Europea) Fruela Fernández, translated from the Spanish by Sarah Hartley

Creole Drum (Tanbou Kreyòl)Georges Castera, translated from the Haitian Creole by Amanda Perry

On International Women’s Day – Yuriko Miyamoto, translated from the Japanese By Amy Obermeyer

Treblinka Café Werner Koffler, translated from the German by Lauren K. Wolfe
The Legend of the Eternal Return Jiří Kratochvil, translated from the Czech by Jeffrey Castle

Addressing the Present: An Interview with Diane Rubenstein