[CFP] Cross-disciplinary Perspectives on Text, Language and Culture International Colloquium

Cross-disciplinary Perspectives on Text, Language and Culture International Colloquium

The University of Sheffield, UK, 31 January – 1 February 2019

Translating Thought/Translating Literature aims to explore the processes and practices of translation from the combined perspectives of literary studies and intellectual history. The conference seeks to address all aspects of translation from the technical issues of translation theory to the impact of social and cultural contexts on the translated text. Translation plays an extremely significant role in the transmission of thought and in intellectual history. Similarly, literature shapes and transforms critical thought and is a crucial, if often neglected, agent in shaping our intellectual debates.

The conference is co-organised by the University of Sheffield and Universitat Pompeu Fabra Departament de Traduccio i Ciencies del Llenguatge.

While national boundaries and the concepts of nation and national identities have been problematised and contested for some time, the question of how ideas travel across national, cultural and linguistic boundaries has not been studied systematically. One focus of the colloquium is thus to examine and challenge the assumptions that languages and cultures can be approached as self-contained units or separate traditions, and to consider how both the material and non-material pressures of globalisation are brought to bear on the processes of translation and dissemination.

The organisers welcome proposals for papers and panels and hands-on workshops from experienced researchers, postgraduate students, independent scholars and writers and translators. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Literary Translation
• Literary Translation as Creation
• Translation as Reception
• The Importance of Translation (or Lack of Translation) in Intellectual History or Translation as an Epistemological Process
• Translation and dominant intellectual movements such as Structuralism, Post-structuralism and Postcolonialism
• Translation, Appropriation and Adaptation vs Domestication / Foreignisation
• Connotation, Prejudice and Discrimination
• Context, Paratext and Intertext
• Translated Texts as Cultural Transfers
• Teaching (Literary) Translation
• The Relationship between Literary Translation and the History of Ideas
• Translation and Globalisation

A public Poetry Reading / Translating Poetry session is scheduled before the conference dinner on 1 February.

All languages welcome but papers must be in English and intelligible to an English-speaking audience.

Please send us an expression of interest by 31 August 2018 for either a paper (100 words) or a panel (including topic, names of speakers and 100 words on each paper). Full abstracts should be sent by 31 October 2018. The programme will be announced and registration will open on 15 November 2018.

Abstracts should be 300 words in length. Please include your email address and institutional affiliation, as well as a three-sentence biography. All abstracts, as well as queries, should be sent to SheffieldTranslation2019@sheffield.ac.uk.

A selection of articles arising from the conference papers will be published as a thematically-organised special issue.

Conference organisers:
Dr Louise Johnson Professor Adam Piette
Dr Karine Zbinden Dr Christine Baycroft