[CFP] Language Rights: Issues and Good Practices

Language Rights: Issues and Good Practices

The aim of the workshop is to engage researchers and other stakeholders to identify key challenges and possible solutions in the field of language rights in any context. In order to explore the complexity of language rights and language issues, we invite experts and stakeholders representing a wide range of specialties: translation and interpreting, linguistics, law and legal studies, social work, sociology anthropology, pedagogy, etc. We particularly encourage joint presentations by scholars and field actors or by scholars representing two different fields.

Please submit your abstract (max. 300 words including references) in Word or RTF format to p.rutkowski@uw.edu.pl AND simo.maatta@helsinki.fi by May 15 June 15, 2018. In the body of the message, please indicate your name and affiliation. Do not include this information in your abstract. Proposals should include the following:
– Clear statement of the focus of the proposal;
– Brief contextualization of data/material discussed;
– Results/conclusions/recommendations;
– References (if applicable).

The results of the peer-review process will be communicated by July 2nd.