On the occasion of the 30th Research Summer School in collaboration with ID-TS, the International Doctorate in Translation Studies, CETRA organizes a two-day conference on PUBLISHING IN TRANSLATION STUDIES

KU Leuven, campus Antwerp

7-8 September 2018

Thirty years into its history CETRA is now operating in a very different environment. The academic status of Translation Studies is generally far more secure than before, while interdisciplinarity is more than ever the order of the day; digital technology has revolutionised modes of generating and disseminating knowledge, with alternative formats competing with the traditional print journals and monographs, and also with greater possibilities on offer to reach out to non-expert readerships; English has continued its steady progress as the lingua franca of international scholarship but not without critical questions being asked about the dangers of linguistic and epistemological hegemonies; Academia is increasingly driven by quantitatively defined management models borrowed from the market economy, putting relentless pressure on scholars to enhance productivity and visibility, preferably on a global scale: publish or perish!

Such trends and forces have a very direct influence on our work as translation scholars and especially our strategies to disseminate the results of our research endeavours. Junior scholars and those of us working from less ‘central’ positions are experiencing their impact more than anyone else. That is why we have made these themes focal points of interest in this Conference on Publishing in Translation Studies, held to celebrate three decades of CETRA.


  • the digital revolution in Translation Studies
  • the international circulation of academic books
  • publishing in Translation Studies in Africa and Asia
  • Translation Studies in Wikipedia
  • writers and readers in Translation Studies
  • publishing and research integrity