[Resource] Genealogies of Knowledge corpus browser interface

Genealogies of Knowledge is a multidisciplinary research project, based at the University of Manchester, which aims to explore the evolution and contestation of key political and scientific concepts as they have travelled across centuries, languages and cultures.

The team is pleased to announce the release of the GoK corpus browser interface for researchers wishing to work with the range of corpora developed as part of this project. This is a substantial resource which is constantly being expanded. It currently consists of the following sections:

  • Modern English Corpus: 14,069,554 tokens
  • Internet English Corpus: 894,531 tokens
  • Classical Greek Corpus: 2,737,324 tokens
  • Early Latin Corpus: 490,423 tokens
  • Medieval Arabic Corpus: 1,384,690 tokens

For information on the composition of the corpora, see http://genealogiesofknowledge.net/genealogies-knowledge-corpus/.

To download the corpus browser interface, please visit http://genealogiesofknowledge.net/software/ and click ‘Start GoK Tool’.

We have additionally put together a user-friendly guide to the corpus analysis software now available to the research community: http://genealogiesofknowledge.net/software/manual/. This guide will continue to be updated as the software tools being developed are refined and extended, especially for the Greek and Arabic corpora. The Table of Contents currently covers the following topics:


Colleagues who continue to work with the Translational English Corpus will find it useful to access TEC using the GoK browser interface, to make use of new functionalities. They can do so by selecting ‘New remote corpus’ from the File menu of the GoK interface and typinggenealogiesofknowledge.net:1240.


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