[CFP] Book Chapter on Translation Revision and/or Post-Editing

Call For Abstracts_Revision_Postediting_20180206


Aim of the book
This edited collection will bring together new research on revision in government and corporate translation departments, translation agencies, the publishing sector and the volunteer sector, as well as on revision training. It covers revision of other people’s translations, self-revision, and post-editing of machine outputs, as both industry practices and cognitive processes. The collection will not only focus on empirical contributions, but will also welcome more theoretical contributions on the conceptual boundaries between translation, revision and post-editing, and the competences related to these three activities.

Target audience of the book
The proposed book will mainly be of interest to academic researchers and instructors as well as graduate students in the field of Translation Studies, though (depending on the responses to the Call for Papers) it may also be of interest to professional revisers and translation service managers.

Maarit Koponen, Brian Mossop, Isabelle Robert and Giovanna Scocchera



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