[New publication] JoSTrans – The Journal of Specialised Translation: issue 29, 2018

JoSTrans – The Journal of Specialised Translation: issue 29, 2018. Special issue on Translation in the creative industries

Edited by Dionysios Kapsaskis

Dionysios Kapsaskis
Translation in the creative industries
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PP 2-11

David Katan interviewed by Lucile Desblache  on translating cultures
Marek Gralewski interviewed by Lucile Desblache on being a translator in Poland
Grzegorz Pawlowski interviewed by Lucile Desblache on working conditions for interpreters and translators in Poland (subtitled from German into English by Charlotte Clarke and Geena Erfurth-Roberts): click to watch


Zoe Moores interviews Dan McIntyre
Intersections between language, linguistics, subtitling and translation: A conversation
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PP 12-27

Claudia Benetello
When translation is not enough:
Transcreation as a convention-defying practice. A practitioner’s perspective
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PP 28-44
Min-Hsiu Liao
Museums and the creative industries: The contribution of Translation Studies
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PP 45-62

Marianna Deganutti, Nina Parish and Eleanor Rowley
Multilingualism and museums: Voices of the First World War in the Kobarid Museum (Slovenia) and the Historial de la Grande Guerre (France)
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PP 63-80
Tamara M. Cabrera
La reseña arquitectónica y su traducción   
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PP 81-101
Maria Sidiropoulou
Markets and the creative paradigm: Identity variability in English-Greek translated promotional material
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PP 102-125
Marián Morón and Elisa Calvo
Introducing transcreation skills in translator training contexts: A situated project-based approach
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PP 126-148
Luo Dong and Carme Mangiron
Journey to the East: Cultural adaptation of video games for the Chinese market
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PP 149-168
Katerina Perdikaki
Film adaptation as the interface between creative translation and cultural transformation: The case of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby
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PP 169-188
Elena Di Giovanni
Audio description for live performances and audience participation
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PP 189-211
Monika Zabrocka
Rhymed and traditional audio description according to the blind and partially sighted audience: results of a pilot study on creative audio
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PP 212-236
Francis Mus
Leonard Cohen in French culture: a song of love and hate: A comparison between musical and literary translation
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Sin-wai Chan
The Future of Translation Technology. Towards a World without Babel (2017)
Reviewed by Anna Maria Władyka-Leittretter [HTML] [PDF]
PP 255-256
Renée Desjardins
Translation and Social Media. In Theory, in Training and in Professional Practice (2017)
Reviewed by David Orrego-Carmona [HTML] [PDF]
PP 257-259
Tessa Dwyer
Speaking in Subtitles. Revaluing Screen Translation (2017)
Reviewed by Margherita Dore [HTML] [PDF]
PP 260-262
Christopher D. Mellinger and Thomas A. Hanson
Quantitative Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies
Reviewed by Carla Parra Escartín[HTML] [PDF]
PP 263-264
Lucia Ruize Rosendo and Clementina Persaud (eds)
Interpreting in Conflict Zones throughout History
Special issue of Linguistica Antverpiensia (2016)
Reviewed by Ting Guo [HTML] [PDF]
PP 265-267
Peter Schmitt
Handbuch Technisches Übersetzen (2016)
Reviewed by Sue Ellen Wright [HTML] [PDF]
PP 268-270
Stacie I. Strong, Katia Fach Gómez and Laura Carballo Piñero
Comparative Law for Spanish-English Speaking Lawyers.
Legal Cultures, Legal Terms and Legal Practices.
Derecho comparado para abogados anglo- e hispanoparlantes (2016)
Reviewed by María Ángeles Orts [HTML] [PDF]
PP 271-272
Low, Peter
Translating Song. Lyrics and Texts (2016)
Reviewed by Marta Mateo [HTML] [PDF]
PP 273-275
Jiménez-Crespo, Miguel A.
Crowdsourcing and Online Collaborative Translations.
Expanding the limits of Translation Studies (2017)
Reviewed by Jean-Christophe Penet [HTML] [PDF]
PP 276-277