[New publicaiton] Multimodal Pragmatics and Translation A New Model for Source Text Analysis by Sara Dicerto

Multimodal Pragmatics and Translation: A New Model for Source Text Analysis by Sara Dicerto

About this book:

This book proposes a new model for the translation-oriented analysis of multimodal source texts. The author guides the reader through semiotics, multimodality, pragmatics and translation studies on a quest for the meaning-making mechanics of texts that combine images and words. She openly challenges the traditional view that sees translators focusing their attention mostly on the linguistic aspect of source material in their work. The central theoretical pivot around which the analytical model revolves is that multimodal texts communicate through individual images and linguistic units, as well as through the interaction among textual resources and the text’s interaction with its context of reference. This three-dimensional view offers a holistic understanding of multimodal texts and their potential translation issues to help translators improve the way they communicate multimodally across languages and cultures. This book will appeal to researchers in the fields of translation studies, multimodality and pragmatics.

About the author: 

Sara Dicerto is a research associate at King’s College London and a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages at Ark Globe Academy, UK. Her interest in Pragmatics and its application to multimodal issues in translation developed during her studies in Italy and the UK, as well as during her freelance work as a translator.