[New publication] Translation Spaces, Volume 6, Issue 2, 2017

Table of Contents
A word from the editor
Global dynamics
Towards a typology of interpreters in war-related scenarios in the Middle East
Lucía Ruiz Rosendo and Manuel Barea Muñoz
182 – 208
The translation challenges of INGOs: Professional and non-professional translation at Amnesty International
Wine Tesseur
209 – 229
Sociocultural spaces
Intercultural translation and indigenous articulation in higher education
Gabriela Borge Janetti
230 – 250
The nomenclature of storms in Arabic: From Arabicisation to adaptation
Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh
251 – 269
Political and legal directions
A rhetorical approach to translation: The Chinese “Report on the Work of the Government” as a case study
Duoxiu Qian and David Kaufer
270 – 290
Making sense of neural machine translation
Mikel L. Forcada
291 – 309
Locating foci of translation on Wikipedia: Some methodological proposals
Mark Shuttleworth
310 – 332
“No news is good news?”: The role of feedback in the virtual-team-style translation production network
Akiko Sakamoto and Melanie Foedisch